Las Palmas Tours and Travel Agency, Inc. (LPTT)
Is a travel agency that specializes in outbound packaged tours. It made a name in selling destinations such as Hongkong, Bangkok, Singapore, Macau, Saigon, Korea, Brunei, Guam, Kuala Lumpur, just to name a few. It built a reputation as an agency that assists passengers first more than anything else. Las Palmas Tours and Travel is also wholesaler for domestic and international tickets, selling destinations to the United States, Europe, ASIA, and domestic Philippine destinations.
las palmas
Founded on June 21, 1984, Las Palmas Tours and Travel Agency, Inc. initially operated as a full service agency offering domestic and international airline ticketing and tour packages. In 1991, the Agency gained the accreditation of International Air Transport Association (IATA) and decided to reorganize its operations.
It professionalized its management and initiated operational automation. Focusing its operations on the wholesale of airline tickets and international packaged tours, it emerged as one of the industry's leading marketers for this sector. As its market expands, Las Palmas Tours and Travel which is strategically located in the heart of Manila's tourist belt, opened its second branch in the City of Makati, the country's financial district. In 2003, it opened its third branch in the fast emerging richest city in the metropolis, Quezon City. To further reach the market outside the metropolis, at present 2007, Las Palmas Tours and Travel opened its fourth branch in Clark, Ageles City, Pampanga.
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Today, LPTT operates in a fully computerized system. Both its reservation ,ticketing and back office systems are powered by Abacus of more than one hundred(100) units of computers. It is also equipped with modern communication facilities linked through more than fifty(50) trunk line key telephone system, dedicated fax machines and email addresses. A workforce of not less than seventy(70) well trained personnel are always ready to assist each and every client. To ensure that staff is equipped with skill and knowledge required by the industry, they are regularly sent to attend industry trainings and seminars.